CapitaSpring (under development)

The new 280-metre integrated development will offer work, live, play spaces in a vertically connected environment. Between the premium Grade A office floors and the modern serviced residences is a Green Oasis with a height of more than 35 metres. Designed with social and activity spaces spread out over four storeys of lush greenery and trees, the Green Oasis offers a re-connection with nature in the middle of the city. Featuring an iconic façade and harnessing the latest workplace and lifestyle innovations, the new integrated development will redefine Singapore's city skyline. In support of the government’s drive toward a car-lite society and to promote healthy living, a cycling path, 165 bicycle lots and end-of-trip facilities will be included in the development.

All information as at 31 December 2020 unless otherwise stated.
86 & 88 Market Street
Land Tenure
Leasehold tenure of 99 years with effect from 1 February 1982
Joint Venture Partners’ Interests
CICT: 45.0%
CapitaLand: 45.0%
Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.: 10.0%
NLA (sq ft)
Retail: 12,000
Office: 635,000
Total: 647,000
Project Development Estimate (S$ million)
Valuation as at 31 December 2020 (S$ million)
Carpark Lots
350 (inclusive of family and green lots)
Bicycle Lots
BCA Universal Design Mark
GoldPLUS (Design) (2018)
BCA Green Mark Platinum (2018)